Scoliosis/Schroth Method.

Mary Beth is a physical therapist of 25 years and a comprehensively trained Polestar pilates instructor.  She has a specialty in working with clients with scoliosis.

Mary Beth Blend, MS, PT, OCS, Cert. DN, Polestar Pilates trained 

  • PT Pilates: A session that combines physical therapy, pilates, and other modalities. A 50-minute PT Pilates session will be catered to your specific needs.
  • Scoliosis-focused movement: Mary Beth is a physical therapist and certified in the well-researched Schroth Method. This method focuses on improving lung capacity with specific breathing exercises and improving 3D trunk shape which helps to halt curve progression in adolescents and reduce pain in adults with scoliosis.

PT/Pilates Pricing

Single 150

Scoliosis Pricing

Single 175

Mary Beth does not submit superbills for insurance.