We offer Private and Semi-Private Sessions.

Everyone can do Pilates. The intention of Pilates is to increase strength and flexibility. Everyone has a different starting point.
The great thing about Pilates is that the method can be as a beginner or advanced as needed.

Making Pilates a part of your weekly routine is ideal.

Once a week is great. Twice a week is even better!

We offer Physical Therapy Sessions.

Pilates Plus is thrilled to include Physical Therapy in the services we offer.

We are bringing on one new PT Sarah Kostyukovsky and our current PT Mary Beth is expanding her hours at the studio to offer PT and scoliosis-specific sessions.

Sarah Kostyukovsky

Sarah is a Pelvic Floor physical therapist and owner of Flow Physiotherapy who recently moved to Richmond from NYC.

  • Pelvic Floor PT: The pelvic floor is so interwoven in our Pilates practice that we think this will be a wonderful compliment to what we offer. Check out more information on Sarah K and Flow Physical Therapy here.

Mary Beth Blend

Mary Beth is a physical therapist and comprehensively trained Polestar pilates instructor.  She has a specialty in working with clients with scoliosis.

  • PT Pilates: A session that combines physical therapy, pilates, and other modalities. A 60-minute PT Pilates session will be catered to your specific needs.
  • Scoliosis-focused movement: Mary Beth is a physical therapist and specializes in working with clients with Scoliosis.