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About us.

Pilates Plus: Building a body that supports you.

Pilates is a type of exercise, but the real change happens when it becomes a pattern of movement. Pilates can integrate into your life–how you move throughout the day, balance, ease of movement, and movement without pain. The goal of Pilates Plus is to become a part of your weekly routine that you look forward to. You will see your Pilates instructor at least once a week so it’s important that we get to know you and what your body needs.


2024 News & Updates

Come see the benefits of a private hour physical therapy session.
Manual work and exercises specific to your body are included. Many clinics require PTs to see several patients at a time and clients complain about counting exercises for an hour. Not at Pilates Plus! It is just you and your PT for an hour brainstorming how to help your body move and feel better.

How to Get Started

Contact our owner, Dara Galasso.

We Take Care of Everything For You!

There is no online booking or keeping up with packages.
All clients are required to have a credit card on file, and we handle the rest for you.

Let’s find the best instructor for you!


I recently had Physical Therapy (PT) sessions at two local facilities. I must say there is no comparison. One of the facilities is a branded PT chain and the other is a local boutique-style facility, Pilates Plus of Richmond.

At Pilates Plus I received a one-on-one focused session with Rachel Webster. Rachel asked me all about my physical history and my current specific issue. She explained clearly the cause of my condition and what we needed to do to correct the condition. She was so knowledgeable that she also provided recommendations on some of my unrelated issues in addition to the specific issue to be treated in PT. For a full hour, Rachel paced me through exercises to address my condition and gave me constant and consistent one-on-one attention. She explained exactly what each exercise was intended to accomplish. It felt more like a medical visit than a run-of-the-mill PT session. I left the session fully educated and eager to perform the exercises Rachel provided to me.

There was really no comparison between the two sessions. At the chain, I felt like I was on an assembly line. At Pilates Plus with Rachel, I felt like a human being in pain who was receiving the full attention of a professional who was addressing my condition. I give Rachel Webster five out of five stars.

“I’ve been seeing Dara in private sessions for the past three years. As a 65-year-old woman with scoliosis and spinal arthritis, it’s imperative that I keep myself flexible. I’m not someone who’ll do an hour of stretching or Pilates mat work on my own.

When I miss a weekly session, I feel the stiffness in my body – so my hour with Dara is a gift I give myself. She’s great at adjusting and adapting each session based on my progress, energy level, and needs.”

“After several years of unsuccessfully trying to find an exercise routine I could stick with, I ended up one Sunday afternoon at an Intro to Pilates class. That was all it took! I’ve been attending Pilates classes twice a week ever since. After three months and 24 classes I could tell that:

  • I was stronger
  • My posture improved
  • My balance was better

All this and I hadn’t gotten bored or discouraged and given up. I give credit for my success to my instructor, Dara, who keeps classes interesting, challenging and fun.

I recommend Pilates to anyone wanting to improve general physical strength and posture.”

“Pilates has opened up a new chapter in my life!

I have always wanted to strengthen my body, especially my core, so I can continue to be as flexible as possible. Dara has encouraged me to go beyond what I thought my body could do. She gets as excited as I do when I accomplish a movement that I never thought I would be able to do.

I would recommend highly both her studio and her pilates expertise. I plan to continue getting stronger and more flexible with Dara as my guide and friend!”

“I want to encourage all men and women to take a pilates class. The benefits I have received from pilates are undeniable. The flexibility, mobility, balance, strength and core stabilization I have gained are incredible.”