“I want to encourage all men and women to take a pilates class. The benefits I have received from pilates are undeniable. The flexibility, mobility, balance, strength and core stabilization I have gained are incredible. I had my doubts at first, but I am now a very strong advocate of pilates for people of all ages, body types and physical shape. I have been blessed to have Dara Galasso as my instructor. She is an outstanding teacher possessing the important qualities all great teachers have - knowledge, experience, positivity and encouragement. She is able to meet each person where they are physically and offers modification on all the exercises and movements. She, also, makes the classes challenging and fun using a wide variety of movements in each class. I give my highest recommendation for Dara Galasso and any class that she teaches. You will not be disappointed and the results you experience will encourage you and bring a big smile to your face.”

“I was introduced to Pilates by Dara over 2 years ago & have been a happy & satisfied client ever since. The Pilates Plus Studio is a great place to practice & the special care & attention that Dara provides me & all of her clients makes the experience that much better. Pilates Plus has certainly helped my flexibility, strength & overall wellness.”

“I've been seeing Dara in private sessions for the past three years. As a 65-year-old woman with scoliosis and spinal arthritis, it's imperative that I keep myself flexible, and I'm not someone who'll do an hour of stretching or Pilates mat work on my own. When I miss a weekly session, I feel the stiffness in my body -- so my hour with Dara is a gift I give myself. She's great at adjusting and adapting each session based on my progress, energy level, and needs. As a bonus, Dara's thoughtful and interesting --- so you get exercise and great conversation. What's better than that??”

“After several years of unsuccessfully trying to find an exercise routine I could stick with, I ended up one Sunday afternoon at an Intro to Pilates class. That was all it took! I've been attending Pilates classes twice a week ever since. After three months and 24 classes I could tell that:
 *I was stronger
 *My posture improved, and
 *My balance was better
All this and I hadn't gotten bored or discouraged and given up. I give credit for my success to my instructor, Dara, who keeps classes interesting, challenging and fun. I recommend Pilates to anyone wanting to improve general physical strength and posture.”

“Pilates has opened up a new chapter in my life! I have always wanted to strengthen my body, especially my core, so I can continue to be as flexible as possible. Dara has encouraged me to go beyond what I thought my body could do! She gets as excited as I do when I accomplish a movement that I never thought I would be able to do! I would recommend highly both her studio and her pilates expertise! I plan to continue getting stronger and more flexible with Dara as my guide and friend!”

“Dara is an incredible Pilates instructor. She's positive, encouraging and knowledgeable while making you feel at ease regardless of where you are in your learning curve. Dara celebrates your tiny victories during each session as you get stronger and stretch yourself to accomplish more. She's made Pilates so approachable that it's now a "must have" for the rest of my life. I highly recommend you give Dara a try!”

“I've taken circuit, private and semi private classes from Dara. I enjoy all of them; however I am amazed at how Dara leads a circuit class. I don't understand how she manages to give each client individual attention without the others in the class feeling ignored. But she does! She offers a client with a bad shoulder a modification to the exercise the rest of us are doing, corrects another's form and offers encouragement to a third. I'd find it hectic, but not Dara!

Dara is knowledgeable and more than willing to share what she knows. Want to know the name of a muscle, what it's purpose is, how to make it stronger? Dara will tell you. Don't care about that; just want a good workout? That's OK, too. Dara has a way of knowing and then providing what her clients need to stay motivated and interested in reaching their fitness goals.”