Private session

  • One-on-one session that focuses on what your body needs/wants.  Want cardio- we can do that. Stretching session- of course!  Core focus- you got it!  Any session can be catered to your needs.  Don’t know what your body needs- leave that up to Dara to complete an assessment and share her findings with you.  Then you can make a plan together. Offer 30 minute or 50 minute sessions.

Semi-Private session

  • 2-3 participants.  A small group class that moves at a pace that meets all participants ability level.  This class is still catered to the participants but takes everyone into account. Offer 50 minute sessions.

Small group circuit class

  • 3 participant class that involves all apparatus (Cadillac, reformer, and mat) and some toys (magic circle, BOSU, arc barrel, box, and ball).  This interval style training class is high energy and moves quickly.  Some prior Pilates experience is encouraged.